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14th Birthday of BloodWars! New seasonal Underworld realms!

added by: Cezary
Date: 30-07-2020 19:00
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Events and bonuses for logging in!

New seasonal Underworld realms!

Dear Players,
Due to the upcoming 14th birthdays of BW, we would like to thank all of you for staying with us! Like every year, we've prepared some additional perks for you! The celebration will start on 1 August 2020!
During the celebration, new Underworld realms will be opened!

14th Birthday of BloodWars!

Birthday bonuses for logging in!

Like every year, you'll be able to get additional bonuses for logging in during the birthday celebration! 14th birthday means 14 bonuses:

  • 6 500 free FLD,
  • 600 global FLD,
  • 1 400 evolution points,
  • 2x 14 silver coins,
  • 2x 1 400 treasure points,
  • 2x 14 000 honour points,
  • level one and two runes.

You will be able to get them for 15 days - from 1 to 15 August 2020!


Souvenir Shop will be open on the first and last day of the celebration (1 and 14 August 2020) and we will activate Cain's Holiday Vision Deluxe (luck +50, 2x evo pts. for ambushes, +50% chance for a rune from an expedition) on the other days (2-13 August)

Charon is coming to the City!

As during every birthday, Charon is coming to the City! Between 1-14 August 2020 there will be special premium packages and you'll also be able to take part in the Lottery!

This time you'll be able to win:

  • 2x 45 days of premium - grand prize!
  • 1x legendary perfect item with a prefix* and a suffix as chosen by the winner - grand prize!
  • 400x 5 pieces of junk
  • 140x 300 treasure pts.
  • 75x random level one runes
  • 25x random level two runes
  • 140x 300 evolution pts.
  • 140x 1400 free FLD pts

*on Necropolis the item will be epic and the winner can choose either a prefix or a suffix.

Premium for new players!

Accounts created between 1-14 August 2020 get 14 free premium days!

Seasonal Underworld!

On August 5th, new seasonal Underworld realms (PL, FR, EN) will be opened! The rules on the server will be the same as on Necropolis plus the changes that have been implemented in the meantime (e.g. patch 2.4.3).

NOTE - birthday bonuses will not be available on newly opened servers!