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19-12-2018 12:00

Christmas and New Year 2019!

Exceptional Christmas!

Santa Claus and Charon have some awesome gifts for you!

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07-11-2018 15:30

News from BW TEAM - PATCH 2.0!

Level recalculation!


Animated reports!

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30-07-2018 09:00

BloodWars’s twelfth birthday!

Events and login bonuses to celebrate BloodWars’s twelfth birthday!

Test servers and level recalculation!

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24-05-2018 16:11

Stay in contact with us ;) and GDPR informations

The text version of the mailing dated 24/05/2018

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20-12-2017 13:55

Christmas and New Year 2018

Exceptional Christmas.
Mad Santa! This year our Bloody Santa has been hit with his sleigh and gone mad – he decided to give away additional presents!

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27-07-2017 11:23

BloodWars’s eleventh birthday – and a @*#! load of bonuses ;)

Events to celebrate BloodWars’s eleventh birthday!

Better droprate!

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28-07-2016 23:57

10TH BIRTHDAY OF BLOODWARS! A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will ;)

Celebration of the 10th birthday of Bloodwars.

Changes you would never expect!

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21-12-2015 13:15

Christmas with Bloodwars

Exceptional Christmas.
Due to increased solar activity and global cooling, Charon went mad and imprisoned Santa Claus in his shop.

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20-11-2015 12:31

News from BW TEAM - November 2015

Every year before Christmas, we try to release a big patch with new content just for you. This year is no different:

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28-07-2015 12:13

We've been together for NINE years now - RUNES are comming!!!

The ninth anniversary celebrations.

Runes coming to UK!

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