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News from BW TEAM - November 2015

added by: SushiMaker
Date: 20-11-2015 12:31
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Every year before Christmas, we try to release a big patch with new content just for you. This year is no different:

Talismans – Cube of Cain

The new patch will allow you to use a mythical artefact created by the forefather of all vampires.
The cube will make it possible to combine runes of different colours to get a rune of the missing colour. It will also allow you to combine IDENTICAL runes to get a random rune of the same colour, but with different qualities.

More combinations coming soon!

Hall of Greater Runes – assigning enchantments to characters.

From now on, all enchantments will be assigned to player characters. You will not have to put them on items to use them. What is more, even if you have an enchantment from a given location, you will still be able to get a new, random one and you will earn Favour of the Lord of Darkness points. Thanks to this, you will not have to choose whether you should save a good enchantment or look for a better one!
In additional, we have overhauled the interface and added the possibility to compare the old and new enchantment.

Expeditions and King of the Hill

We understand that varying levels of player activity in the game sometimes make it harder to find a full team for an expedition for high-level locations. That is why we added the possibility to participate in many expeditions at once.

Other changes

We also added some minor changes, among others the possibility to shorten King of the Hill expeditions.

We hope you will like the improvements we have implemented.
We wish you all good luck. Please leave us a comment on the forums or on our facebook profile.

Best regards,

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