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Stay in contact with us ;) and GDPR informations

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Date: 24-05-2018 16:11
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The text version of the mailing dated 24/05/2018

Stay in contact with us ;)

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New regulations regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR) will take effect on 25 May 2018. Because of this, we’d like to inform you about the changes to our RTA.

We’ve created a new document - "Privacy policy and data protection statement". It’ll tell you what data we collect about you, when it is needed, who we can share it with, how we protect it and how you can manage it.

From now on, it’ll be much easier for you to control your subscriptions. Information about managing your personal data has been organised in such a way that you should have no doubt about how you can use your rights in this regard.

We’ve also updated the RTA so that it is compliant with the upcoming changes in the regulations.

Below are links to the new and updated documents:

-- Regulations and Terms of Agreement
-- Privacy policy and data protection statement

Please take a look at the documents above.

Best regards,
-- BWTeam –