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News from BW TEAM - PATCH 2.2!

added by: Cezary
Date: 26-02-2019 12:00
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New and better King of the Hill expeditions!

Now with an increased chance of double and triple enchantments!

We are happy to inform you about the changes that will go live on Thursday, 28 February 2019! Here are the most important changes:

Changes to King of the Hill expeditions!

Now you’ll be able to increase the difficulty – monsters will be much more numerous and challenging! If you defeat them all, you’ll get more honours points, resources and an increased chance of a second and third enchantments!

Balance changing, including:

  • Enchantments that now increase HP will increase base HP making the effect much stronger,
  • The effects of Bestial Fury will be now more predictable and less dependent on the weapon used by the opponent,
  • On Necropolis Aura of Blood’s damage each round will no longer exceed 10% of the opponent’s maximum HP,
  • Minor changes to races, arcana and talismans.

We’ve also introduced some other, minor changes to the game:

  • 3v3 and CvC arenas now award evolution points (instead of Souvenir Shop),
  • You can now cancel expeditions if no one has joined yet,
  • You can now sort and remove players from the target list,
  • You can now pay with paysafecard,
  • Many miscellaneous changes.