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13th Birthday of BloodWars! PATCH 2.3!

added by: Cezary
Date: 25-07-2019 10:00
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Events and bonuses for logging in!

Journeys and daily quests!

Dear Players,
Soon we will be celebrating the 13th birthday of BloodWars. Thank you for being with us! We've prepared a lot of fun for you - starting on 1 August 2019!
We're sure you'll be happy to learn that on 13 August, we'll release a new patch that adds, among others, daily quests and a new option - Journey!

13th Birthday of BloodWars!

Birthday bonuses for logging in!

We couldn't do it any other way - you can get 13 bonuses for the 13th birthday! The following rewards await you:

  • 6 000 free FLD,
  • 600 global FLD,
  • 1 300 evolution points,
  • 2x 13 silver coins,
  • 2x 1 300 treasure points,
  • 2x 13 000 honour points,
  • level one and two runes.

You will be able to get them for 15 days - from 1 to 15 August 2019!


Souvenir Shop will be open on 1 and 13 August 2019 and between 2-12 August 2019 there will be a new event - Lucky Thirteen (Luck +100, double evo for attacks, double items from quests, 100% chance of getting a second enchantment effect)!

Charon is coming to the City!

As is the custom, Charon will come to the City on our birthday! Between 1-13 August 2019 there will be special premium packages and you'll also be able to take part in the Lottery!

This time you'll be able to win:

  • 2x 45 days of premium - grand prize!
  • 1x legendary perfect item with a prefix* and a suffix as chosen by the winner - grand prize!
  • 400x 5 pieces of junk
  • 130x 300 treasure pts.
  • 75x random level one runes
  • 25x random level two runes
  • 130x 300 evolution pts.
  • 130x 1300 free FLD pts.

*on Necropolis the winner can choose either a prefix or a suffix.

Premium for new players!

Accounts created between 1-13 August 2019 get 13 free premium days!

Patch 2.3!

Patch 2.3 will be released on all servers on 13 August. The most important new features are:


It's a completely new, independent option. During Journeys, you'll face many different opponents and obstacles. The higher your stats, the higher difficulty levels you'll be able to complete. Every Journey will include one or two boss fights - you'll get a prize for defeating them. For overcoming other obstacles you'll get lesser, random bonuses. At the end of every Journey, you'll also get an item with significantly increased chance of having a good prefix or suffix (as compared to quests) - the more levels you complete, the higher the chance!

Daily quests!

They will be very simple mini-tasks and no active player should have trouble completing them. Every day you'll be able to complete a maximum of three quests - they'll provide a small prize, among others a one-time stat bonus to be used during Journeys!

Miscellaneous improvements.

Apart from the new features listed above, we're adding some quality-of-life improvements, e.g. remembering item sets during expeditions, new captcha (no need to enter it when creating expeditions) and many others. You can find all the changes HERE.

Please remember to visit us on Facebook - we'll be celebrating there too :)