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Christmas with Bloodwars

added by: SushiMaker
Date: 20-12-2013 11:16
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Exceptional Christmas.
Due to increased solar activity and global cooling, Charon went mad and imprisoned Santa Claus in his shop.

We would like to wish you all
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
may your holidays be filled with happines, family and friends
and may your New Year's Eve party be unforgettable.

Here's a list of what we've prepared for you this Christmas:

21-31.12.2013 Charon's madness!
Charon hid in his shop and sells all his wares.

21.12.2013 Solar Storm.
Prepare for the upcoming apocalypse now!
As a result of disturbances in the atmosphere caused by solar activity: buildings, prefixes, suffixes and set effects will not work in PvP.
WARNING! All weapon requirements will remain the same. You might want to buy some clubs and knives just in case.

22-23.12.2013 Seekers' Day.
So much luck!

24-26.12.2013 Souvenir shop.
Your favourite trader is back in the City!

27-31.12.2013 Cain's Holiday Vision deLuxe.
Luck and double evolution points for everyone!

1-2.01.2014 Night of Heroes.
Tonight no monster can feel safe.

We are now hard at work on arenas and runes and the patch should be ready more or less at the end of December, but we would like to test the changes first. The beta tests will begin on the 3rd of January and when every bug has been fixed the patch will be applied to all servers. The details of an upcoming balancing patch can be found HERE.