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BW TEAM News - Patch, runes

added by: SushiMaker
Date: 27-03-2015 10:49
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Comming changes.
All changes will be introduced on 01st April 2015!

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter we want to thank you for the time you spend with BW and wish all the best to you and your loved ones.

Happy Easter!

With great pleasure, we would like to inform you about the coming changes:

KotH – badass patch.
We are aware that some of you are still having problems getting the most powerful enchantments despite the introduction of the Favour of the Lord of Darkness points. That is why we decided to let the really strong players try to complete several levels of KotH at once.
The full description can be found » HERE.

Ranged weapons patch - Underworld!
Soon, Underworld will receive a ranged weapons patch that gives them additional effects against monsters.
A list of all changes can be found » HERE.

Anubis and Wendigo for Necro.
As per your suggestions, we have decided to up the experience multiplier for the aforementioned monsters by 1.5 and 1.7 respectively.

Clan arena balance.
We are always listening to your problems and that is why we have decided to quadruple the number of ranking points gained so that clans can change ranking positions more dynamically.

Seasonal clan points balance.
The current algorithm for calculating seasonal points will be replaced with a new one that will incentivise player activity. The formula will be available in the changelog, after the patch is implemented.

RUNES and an additional expedition map.
With the implementation of the above changes, we can now start coding new monsters and the rune system. We do not know how much time it will take us but do not expect it in one or two months, four or five is much more realistic.